Justin Khoury (Nov 27)

Justin's Schedule:

Tuesday, Nov 27:

10:30am-11am Josef Pradler, Bloomberg 437 (ude.uhj.ahp|reldarpj#ude.uhj.ahp|reldarpj)
11am-noon Marc Kamionkowski, Bloomberg 439 (ude.uhj|noimak#ude.uhj|noimak)
noon-1pm lunch (Marc K,…..)
1pm-2pm Joe Silk and Douglas Spolyar, Bloomberg 517 (moc.liamg|raylopsd#moc.liamg|raylopsd)
3pm-4pm: Seminar

Justin's email address: ude.nnepu.sas|yruohkj#ude.nnepu.sas|yruohkj

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