Boaz Katz

Boaz Katz's Schedule

Tuesday, Jan 29:

10:30-11:00am CAS Coffee, 5th floor
11am-11:30am Mario Livio Bloomber 623
11:30-noon Julian Krolik Bloomberg 531
noon-1pm lunch (Marc K, Nadia Z, Cole M, …..)
1pm-1:30pm Marc Kamionkowski, Bloomberg 439, ude.uhj.ahp|noimak#ude.uhj.ahp|noimak
1:30-2pm Cole Miller, Bloomberg 533
2-2:30pm Laurent Pueyo, Bloomberg 519
3:30-4pm prepare for talk?
4pm-5pm+ CAS seminar (Bloomberg 462)

6pm- dinner (Marc K,Marshall P,…)

Boaz's email address: ude.sai|akzaob#ude.sai|akzaob

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