Alvise Raccanelli

Alvise's schedule:

Monday, Jan 13:

Dinner (flight arrives 4:30pm): Donghui Jeong, Jens Chluba (at Corner BYOB, if they have a table, then the new Belgian beer place at Hamden)

Tuesday, Jan 14:

9am - 10am
10am - 10:30am Guangtun Zhu (room 524)
10:30am - 11am Astro coffee, 5th floor lounge
11am - noon
noon - 1pm lunch
1pm - 2pm Marc K (room 439)
2pm - 3pm Donghui Jeong (room 431)
3pm - 4pm Jens Chluba (room 435)
4pm - 5pm Josef Pradler (room 437)


Wednesday, Jan 15:

9am - 10am
11am - noon
noon - 1pm lunch (Alex,…)
1pm - 2pm Alex Szalay
2pm leave for airport

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