Alessandra Buonanno

Alessandra's schedule:

Tuesday, April 9:

Noon-1pm lunch (Marc K, Julian)
1-1:30 Julian Krolik Bloomberg 531, ude.uhj|khj#ude.uhj|khj
1:30-2:30pm Constanze Roedig, Bloomberg 516, ude.uhj.ahp|gideorc#ude.uhj.ahp|gideorc
2:30-3:30pm Marc Kamionkowski, Bloomberg 439, ude.uhj|noimak#ude.uhj|noimak
3:30-4pm talk prep
4-5pm CAS seminar

6pm— early dinner (Marc K, Julian?,….)

Alessandra's email address: ude.dmu|onnanoub#ude.dmu|onnanoub

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